Friday, October 11, 2013

After Duty

After Duty

My buddies Mark and George stopped by after duty a couple days back. As usual we had plans to get smashed and and stay that way, so I let them know that they could come to my place directly after duty and shower up here, that way they could crash here afterwards and have their uniforms ready to go and they could just take off right for work. Believe me when you're on your way to duty and you were up late drinking the night before, every extra minute and fewer steps is golden.
Now it's not often that I get to tape the guys in their uniforms, so I took advantage of the opportunity and I included more of our hanging around and bullshitting session than I normally do. They're funny guys and we covered a bunch of USMC and deployment related topics, like jerking off in the porta-shitter on deployment, best places jerked off, tag-teaming girls and what not. The part I included in the preview is the least sexy part but still my favorite because they're reminiscing, now almost at the end of their time in the military, about their time in together. They've been best friends since boot camp (well, MCY, Marine Combat Training wich is like the 2nd half of bootcamp). They've deployed together, and spent virtually all of the last 4 years of their lives joined at the hip. Two better friends I've never seen, and you can see it when they talk to each other how tight that bond of brotherhood is.

So tight it's no big deal to jerk off together when I put a porn on. Mark complains that it's been several days for him, and later on you can tell he's been telling the truth when his load erupts like an exploding volcano.

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